Day 1,016 – Thankful for a Conversation I Needed More Than I Knew and a Stress Cleanse (aka Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga)

As luck would have it I ran into an executive I hadn’t talked with in a while today.  He’s a mature business leaders with a great deal of experience.  I look up to him for many reasons, his stoic nature, his logical thinking, his ability to make the difficult decisions, and his calm under pressure.  There’s an old school leadership style to him, in many ways he makes me think of how my dad would have been as a CEO.

We started off a quick conversation as we both had separate directions to head off to within 7 minutes time.  He asked me a question about business and I shared some of the challenges I’ve been taking on.  His face softened, and he proceeded to totally open up in a way I never saw coming.  Within a matter of a couple of minutes he helped me see that I’m not alone.  It sounds hokey and I really don’t want to dive into any more detail than that, but that was really the core of it.  Here was someone with 20+ more years of life and business experience and he helped me quickly see that I am not alone and that I’m on the right track.  I really don’t know a better way to describe it other than I sometimes question myself, my ability, and my strategy.  In a few short sentences he helped me strengthen my resolve in ways that would’ve taken me so long to do.

Today I am so thankful for his extreme openness and willingness to share.  He totally made himself vulnerable and humbled himself and helped me see that I am not alone.  Even as I write this I can tell I’m not doing justice to the feeling of calm and sense of confidence I have from this one quick conversation.  Not only did it help me today, it is a lesson I will carry with me forever and will do my best to show him thanks for it the best way I can, by emulating his behavior when someone else could use a little nudge.

This evening Becky took me on a yoga date, but not our normal yoga date.  Tonight we headed to West Salem and did yoga atop stand up paddle boards.  It was incredible!!!  The feeling of being out in nature on the water was awesome in of itself, throwing yoga on top of it was icing on the cake.

Throughout the practice I was 100% focused on balance (and even that didn’t prevent me from falling in once!), breathing, and the sensation os nature around me.  By the time it was over I could feel just how much my shoulders had relaxed.  All the stress I’d been carrying had melted away and it felt like I’d gotten a stress cleanse.  Ahhh…  Exactly what the doctor ordered!  Thanks for taking me to SUP Yoga Becky!

To be clear, this is totally NOT where we were tonight…  it just seemed to fit the dual themes for tonight though.  Thx!


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