Day 977 – Thankful for Sharing Childhood Memories with Friends Over Dinner

Our friends Jeremy and Katie had a very awesome idea…  Starting a rotation of dinners together with our group of friends at their houses.  Each time the hosts cook a favorite meal from back when they were a kid.  Think about it…  If you were going to cook one of your favorite childhood meals for your friends, what would it be?  Talk about a fun walk down memory lane!

Brian – sorry for not photoshopping you in, it’s getting late and I’m almost ready for bed  🙂

Tonight we had pork chops with stuffing and gravy on top, baked potato, and an assortment of Little Debbie treats for dessert.  As we ate the conversation was fantastic.  I learned things about the childhood of friends I’d never known before and it was great sharing some personal memories.  I’m continually amazed at how similar some of our experiences were growing up.

Fantastic food, great conversation, and wonderful friends…  What else could I ask for this evening?  I’m so thankful for this time together to just hang out and get to know each other better (while eating some tasty food!).


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