Day 976 – Thankful for Missing My Teammates, Re-Reading a Favorite Book, and Habit Stacking

Yup, today was another day in which there were a handful of things I am thankful for.

First off I’m pretty sure it’s the lead measure of working with great teammates when you catch yourself missing the ones you’re not spending time with throughout the day.  It was pretty wild, throughout the day I caught myself thoroughly enjoying the time with the teammates I was with while at the same time wishing all of my teammates from other offices were in the same office with us.  We’ve got a really special group of people and I love them tremendously!

With the additional driving I’ve been doing lately I’ve been able to read many books (thank you!).  Up until this week almost all of them have had a business focus to them.  Today I fired up one of my all time favorite fictions, Good Omens.  Just like when I read it the first time I caught myself literally LOL-ing!


One of the books I read recently had a wonderful concept called “Habit Stacking.”  This is when you take something that you already do or enjoy doing and use it as a way to encourage another habit.  The concept is essentially “if I do this, then I can do that.”

The habits I’ve started stacking are running on the treadmill and watching the new mini-series of the aforementioned book, Good Omens.  Long story short, I really wanted to watch the first episode tonight and one way or another I was planning on doing it.  Instead of sitting on the couch to watch it like I would have defaulted to I opted to only watch it while I was on the treadmill.  It worked like a charm and I got a great run in AND enjoyed watching my show!  That felt way better than just one or the other.



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