Day 942 – Thankful for a Snowy Day 17 Years Ago Shared with Family & Friends

Our marriage is almost old enough to vote and buy lottery tickets! Seventeen years ago today there was a crazy blizzard in Westboro, WI as Becky and I exchanged our vows. How fitting that today’s weather included some snow flurries?

In addition to thinking about all the years Becky and I been together and all the experiences we’ve had and memories we’ve created I’ve been reflecting a lot on one of the greatest sources of strength, support, and love we have… our friends and family.

Remembering our wedding ceremony I keep thinking back to everyone who attended and were there for us on that big day. A church filled with many of those we love. So many friends and family driving from near and far to share in that special day with us. In addition there were many others who were there with us in spirit.

Today I’m thankful for everyone who was there with us in person on a snowy day so long ago, those who were with us but not present, and all those we’ve been blessed to befriend and become family with since. Your love, friendship, and support lift us always and we are so thankful for all of you. Thank you for being part of the magic that has led to the past seventeen years of marriage, we appreciate you greatly!!!


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