Day 943 – Thankful for an Incredible Handmade Wedding Gift From Todd

Last night Becky and I spent much time sharing memories from our wedding day. While most of our conversation focused on the wedding and reception itself we did talk about the next day a little as well, including the gift opening. I’m still in awe of how giving so many people were. At that point in our life we didn’t have much and it was a great help to us.

When I went to bed last night and woke up this morning I went through my normal routine. This involves taking off my glasses and turning off the lamp in the evening and then putting on my glasses and checking the weather on my phone in the morning. Some nights I read in bed for a while before putting down my book. Regardless, there’s been a constant every day at home for exactly 17 years now. I have a beautiful handmade nightstand that was created for us by Becky’s Uncle Todd.

This beauty is there for me twice a day like clockwork and still looks perfectly new. Some days I catch myself just looking at it for woodworking inspiration. The craftsmanship Todd put into is nothing short of awesome. It’s sturdy yet elegant, perfect in its functionality.

Do you know what is the best part of it to me? The memory of the smile on Todd’s face when he gave them to us. It was readily apparent that he’d put much energy and love into creating this beautiful gift. How much more precious is a gift than when you know someone crafted it themselves specifically for someone?

Todd – thank you for a beautiful, thoughtful and functional gift that has been used every single day I’ve been home since our wedding 17 years ago!


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