Day 941 – Thankful for the Courage of Mentors to Say What Needs to Be Said

Today I am so thankful for the courage of mentors to say what needs to be said.  I’m blessed to have an excellent mentor who does a great job of coaching me through the tough times as well as during the good times.

Throughout the past week we’ve had several conversations that must not have been the easiest to have.  When I put myself in their shoes the topics are difficult and I can also be defensive when receiving criticism, regardless of how constructive.  Put those things together and it must’ve been tough for them to say what needed to be said today.

From the conversations we’ve had my eyes have been opened to things I need to do differently in the future as well as thought processes I need to re-focus.  In some spots there was feedback that cut deep and I could hear the hesitation in their voice.  They pushed through their discomfort and said what needed to be said to help me keep growing.  I’m so thankful for their courage to speak from the heart and share their thoughts and feedback as it will help me be a stronger teammate, leader, and person.




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