Day 938 – Thankful for Perfect Spring Track Weather and the Right Message at the Right Time

It was just last week that I was thankful for walking barefoot on the soccer fields.  The weather that night was fantastic and really felt like Spring had sprung.  Then we had some weird weather including unseasonably high temps and rainy cold days.  There were a few times I had to pause and remember just how perfectly Spring-ish the weather was last week Tuesday.

Tonight Dominic had a home track meet.  Sitting on the bleachers and walking the around the event was amazing!  The sun was out, the temp was perfect, and sky was a beautiful blue.  It was a perfect Spring night.  Spending the time outside in the fresh air was exactly what the doctor ordered.  In between events I was on my phone cranking away on several work related projects.  It didn’t even feel like work due to the incredible weather!  I am so thankful for the perfect Track weather today.

Also today I was again amazed at the ability of the universe to nudge me in the right direction when I need it most.  On my drive to Rochester today I stumbled across a wonderfully written audio blog post.  The post was insightful, dovetailed perfectly into my current situation and inspired me to keep the right mindset throughout the day.  There were more than a few times when the memories of the post ran through my head and helped me stay focused in the right ways.  Today was so much better due to living the advice from the blog post and I’m thankful for it!


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