Day 937 – Thankful for Gavin’s Art Project, Dominic’s First Contacts, a Reminder of How Small the World Can Be, and Remembering There’s Always a Choice

Whew, another post that starts out with a crazy long title!  In thinking about the day I really couldn’t help but mention each of those things.  When all of them are put together it was a great reminder for me of what I’m most thankful for today.
There was a trip to the Campbell Library tonight to check out some of Gavin’s art on display.  In less than 3 seconds I immediately recognized Gavin’s sculpture…. And I wasn’t even halfway across the library.  Who else would make a tall MineCraft Steve complete with diamond sword?  I laughed out loud when that was right where he led us.  He also had a picture that was right there as well.  Thank goodness Dominic saw it and pointed it out as Gavin had no idea that was up too!
Dominic got his first pair of contacts today and I am so excited for him!  I still remember my first time putting contacts in and seeing how liberating it was to live a life without glasses on.  No offense to anyone who wears glasses, I really appreciate the feeling of not wearing them though.  It’s throwing me off tonight and I’ve almost asked him where his glasses were on several occasions already.  I’m so thankful for Dominic getting contacts, I’m sure he’s going to really like them when he runs the next time!
When a teammate introduced me to the owner of one of our client businesses today there was a moment that still has me smiling.  In the conversation she mentioned that she grew up “in a small town up north you’ve probably never heard of… Ogema.”  I laughed and shared that it was Becky’s hometown.  Later in the visit I mentioned that I grew up in Phillips.  This time she laughed and said that was where her husband was from!  How crazy is that???  Funny how small the world can be sometimes, isn’t it?  I’m so thankful for reminders of how small the world can be like this, there’s something comforting in knowing we’re all tied so closely together.
Last, there’s something that I’ve been thinking about a lot lately.  I’m thankful for remembering that there’s always a choice.  Sometimes I can get frustrated or bummed out about certain things.  Once in a great while I let them take control of my emotions and I start thinking like a victim.  It’s really frustrating because I it usually takes me a few moments to catch myself doing it.  When my “oh woe is me” mindset is detected I pause and say a phrase and ask a question in my head.  The phrase is “I am choosing this but I can choose something else, there’s always a choice.”  That phrase grounds me and forces me to take action.  Either suck it up and remember that I’m taking this burden on by choice or choose to stop and go in a different direction.  Whichever I choose there is a sense of calm that comes over me as I remember that I am choosing, I am not letting it happen to me.  I am thankful for remembering that there is always a choice.  (btw – the question I ask is  ‘What can I learn from this?’)
What a day it’s been!  Ups, downs, sideways, and even some diagonal.  Some many moments, events, people, and thoughts to be thankful for today.


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