Day 974 – Thankful for Gavin Becoming a Boy Scout

There are no longer any Cub Scouts living in our house as of tonight…  only Boy Scouts!  Gavin and his fellow Weblos crossed over into Boy Scouts this evening.  After five years of Cub Scouts they’re now moving on to their next adventure.


As Gavin went up to receive his Arrow of Light I was beaming with pride.  Seeing all of his hard work and focus pay off in earning the highest award for Cub Scouts was awesome.  Seeing the smile on his face as he started to cross the bridge was priceless.  When he walked over the bridge he was visibly reading each of the Scout values and it warmed my heart.  Walking alongside him while remembering my own walk with my dad across the bridge when I crossed over was incredible.

Once Gavin was greeted by his fellow Boy Scouts each former Weblos had a Boy Scout line up behind them and then replace the Weblos’ blue shoulder boards with the green boards of Boy Scouts.  Behind Gavin was Dominic, and they were both smiling as Dominic helped Gavin officially become a Boy Scout.


Congrats Gavin!!!  I’m more proud of you than I could ever hope to express.  You yet again have brought tremendous joy into my life and I’m so thankful for your awesome personality.  So glad you’ve enjoyed Cub Scouts, I can’t wait to hear about all of your future Scouting endeavors.  Love you Bud!!!


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