Day 973 – Thankful for a Great Family Game that Fits Our Family Well and Sharing a Classic with the Boys – Back to the Future

After cruising through emails for work, heading to church, grocery shopping, and making lunch Becky had the wonderful idea of busting out a great board game – Trekking the National Parks.  How fitting of a game is that for our family?  The whole point of the game is to journey from park to park doing one of several things that help you win the game.  We had so much fun like always – great family time!


Somehow I’ve let the boys down as a father and I hadn’t shared Back to the Future with them until tonight.  For some reason or another Becky and I remembered that fact for the umpteenth random reason and Becky ordered it from the library.  Tonight we are chilling on the couch watching it as a family.  It’s been a blast to enjoy both watching one of my old favorite movies as a kid and seeing my kids enjoy it as well.  I’m so glad to see that they’re as into it as I was when I saw it at approximately Gavin’s age.

Back to the Future


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