Day 867 – Thankful for “What Am I Thankful for Today?” – the Key to My Daily Visit to My Fortress of Solitude

Whoever would’ve thought that asking one question, the same question, every single day for over 1,200 consecutive days could bring so much joy into my life?  Each day I ask myself that one question continually throughout the day in search of what I will blog about.  Some days the answer is found quickly in the morning and other days it’s not until I’m typing that I can quite put my finger on which of the many blessings the day has brought me will be the centerpiece(s) of my post.  Regardless, there is one constant…

When I ask myself that question, “What am I thankful for today?” I take time to pause and look both inward and outward.  What happened in life that I am thankful for?  What has brought joy into my life, has taught me a lesson, or helped me become one step closer to who I want to be?  I often look outward to the event, the cause, the thing, the person, or the subject of my blog.  I then look inward to see how and why it has impacted me as it has.  Once I can see it I then put my thoughts and observations into words and type them in this blog.  As I look forward to typing, as I type, and after I am done typing I am in a state of bliss, peaceful calm, and relaxation.  All feels right with the world for a moment or two regardless of anything else going on in life.

As I thought about it today, my time to blog (both thinking about it and writing it) is time focused on myself.  There is no outside noise or voice, only me and my thoughts.  It is a moment of beautiful solitude in which I am able to focus and put the day into perspective.  Those moments of solitude are truly amazing in our busy world.  I love spending time with others, focusing on others, and being social with others, but I also need this time to be alone.  In asking myself the question, “What am I thankful for today?” I’ve created a habit that allows me to focus on and enjoy solitude every day…  and that’s a gift I am truly thankful for.



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