Today’s been a wonderful day!  I got to sleep in (8am felt amazing!), had a great breakfast, drank some great coffee, went for a 4-ish mile walk with the girls, Becky & Dominic, fixed our dishwasher handle, spent some time in the workshop while Gavin finished his last Pinewood Derby car, and even had some time to play a few games.  Pretty full day!

Earlier in the day I was spending time cleaning up a few desk drawers and going through some old flash drives and memory cards.  In putting my phone aside for most of the day it’s amazing how much I’ve been able to accomplish over the past 48 hours!  Instead of mindlessly looking at my mobile screen I’ve been getting other things done and have been much more productive.

While going through the old memory cards I happened across all of our pictures from our family vacation in Colorado almost six years ago.  It was so much fun looking back to see how much fun we had and being reminded of all that we saw and did on that trip.  Even more enjoyable was pausing to see just how much the boys have grown in this short handful of years.  I couldn’t help but chuckle in seeing some of the pictures, especially the one with both boys on my back at once.

Today I’m reminded of how awesome vacation pictures are.  They are like mini time capsules that bring back so many great memories with family, friends, and loved ones.  Many times throughout the day I thought of a couple of those pictures and smiled.  I’m also grateful for the reminder to take time to take pictures of the family while we’re on vacation.


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