Day 865 – Thankful for Revisiting a Cassette Tape I Almost Wore Out Way Back In the Day

Quick warning, you may lose some respect in my musical tastes after reading this 😉

Today has been a great day so far (and now we’re settling in on the couch for a family movie night).  The morning started off with our normal workout routine, the boys both had a great time with their friends in the morning, we got some grocery shopping in, and I was able to get a lot done in my workshop.  It’s been a very productive and relaxing day.


As I was making quesadillas for supper tonight I stumbled across a song that led me back to an album I had when I was about Gavin’s age…  Invisible Touch by Genesis.  I used to listen to that album constantly!  Not only did I love the music, but it also had several very long songs which were great strategic choices for me as I went to bed.  I would ask my mom if I could listen to a couple of more songs before I went to bed, and when she said yes to any number from 1 to 3 this was my go to cassette.

So there I was making quesadillas while maybe even dancing around a little and singing along with Phil and the gang.  It was awesome!  It had been a very long time since I’d last fired up that album and listened all the way through.  Funny how so many lyrics can stick around the brain decades later!

After as fun as it was to trip back down memory lane I might have to fire up another oldie but goodie tomorrow!



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