Day 862 – Thankful for Stumbling Across a Picture that Warms My Heart

Earlier in the day I was cruising through some old files in search of some training materials from many years ago.  In the bottom of an almost empty folder I happened across an old Polaroid.  Way back in the day we used to do a client appreciation fishing outing.  We would get a bunch of fishing guides and invite some of our clients out for a morning of fishing on the Mississippi.  The picture I came across was from over a decade ago (hence the reason it was a Polaroid!) when I’d taken my client and friend, Teresa Knutson, on our fishing trip.  We had so much fun on that trip!  My stomach and sides hurt the rest of the day from laughing so hard.  It was awesome!!!

Teresa was one of the perfect people to hang out with on a boat like that.  She was always laughing and smiling.  Her positive energy was so contagious!  Teresa would single handedly light up an entire room with her quick smile and loud laugh.  Whenever we met up there was sure to be laughter and smiles, even when we would be getting some serious work done.  She helped me see how to be both very professional and very personable at the same time.  There were many days when I would go out to sell and I’d stop out to talk with her first just because I knew I’d leave with a smile.  In a nutshell, Teresa was amazing.

Unfortunately Teresa passed away just over 11 years ago very unexpectedly.  I still clearly remember hearing the news and being almost dropped to my knees.  She was so full of life and personality I just couldn’t, or didn’t want to, imagine a world without her in it.  I’m not sure that I’ve ever shared this with anyone before, but she’d passed away as I was just getting back into exercising and watching my weight.  When I would go on my long training runs for my marathon I often imagined her right there with me cheering me on.  In those moments I could’ve swore I heard her voice while I ran and it always brought a smile to my face.

Seeing that picture today really reminded me of just how fortunate I was to have had time with Teresa.  So many wonderful memories and moments with her, I am thankful for each of them.  I am so grateful that I happened across this picture today, it’s filled my heart with joy as I’ve thought of her often.


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