Day 861 – Thankful for Dominic Taking On Additional Responsibility and Gavin’s Plans for His Future Lottery Winnings

Today’s one of those proud parent moments in which I’m thankful for things our boys have done or said today. In both cases it makes me smile seeing that the boys are soaking in some of the things Becky and I are trying to live and impart in them. I’m grateful for the opportunity to see the imprints we’ve left on them so far.

Dominic got some great news today, he’s been selected to be one of the Stage Managers for his middle school play. This is something he’s wanted to do since he participated as a stage hand last year. I’m taking on this role he’ll have a lot more responsibility to his team and I’m proud of him for taking that on. This is one of a growing handful of areas in which he’s taken on more responsibility and leadership, and it seems to fit him very well. Super proud of him!

In school today Gavin was asked what three things he would buy if he won the lottery. His answers have me smiling and beaming with pride. First, he’d buy investments so he’d have more money for the future (I just got him a copy of the Rich Dad, Poor Dad book for kids which he obviously soaked up 😁). Next, he’d buy an island in the ocean and put a good sized house on it (with the plan of buying more islands with the return from his investments). Last, he’d give the rest to charity (obviously Becky’s been making a strong impact on him!). I’m so thankful to hear that he’s got three solid priorities – though I’m not quite sure of the order 😆. Regardless, it’s great to see he’s grasping the concept of investing versus spending to he has more to give in the future.

Like I started with, it’s a pretty proud parent kind of day! Of course as I’m typing this the boys are bickering a little in logrolling… “Dominic cheated!” followed by “No I didn’t!” Music to my ears… sounds like we’ve made progress with the boys but we’ve still got a long ways to go! 🤪


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