Day 859 – Thankful for a List Kind of Day

Days like this are amongst my favorites.  Thinking through the day there are way too many things to be thankful for to narrow it down to just one thing.  Many times these days are “list days,” days when I go with a list of gratitudes instead of just one.  Today I am incredibly grateful for one of those days today.  While there hasn’t been anything insanely crazy it’s been a day filled with ordinary awesomeness.  Here are several of the highlights:

  • Getting a good 9 hours  hours of sleep
  • Waking up early enough to grab a full breakfast before church, complete with a great cup of coffee
  • At church as our priest is asking the congregation for things they love he works his way from the far side fo the church to our’s.  When he gets to our side he asks again and Gavin shouts out, “Video games!!!”  The entire congregation bursts into laughter and Father Dodge comments, “I think that’s more of an obsession.”  Gavin just smiled from ear to ear.
  • Running into a friend we haven’t seen in a long while after church.
  • Grocery shopping after church was about the most efficient, chill, and peaceful shopping trip we’ve had in a long time.  For reals, it was actually almost relaxing!
  • Shooting the bull with my mom just always feels right on the weekends and today was no different.
  • Lunch was leftover ribs from last night.  Mmm…
  • After lunch the boys went up into the workshop to help me clean up.  After painting it’s been great to get everything cleaned up and back in its place.  The boys being up there with me made it an enjoyable chore.
  • It was also cool putting up more of the old tools and whatnot from my dad, but more on that in the future… 😉
  • Becky’s been watching the forecast like a hawk and saw this afternoon was our best opportunity to run outside for the next few days.  We jumped on the opportunity and got a wonderful run in.  Being outside and running in shorts felt invigorating!  The fog added a really awesome dreamlike quality to the run.  It felt perfect spending time outside running with Becky (& the girls).
  • Gavin opted to help me cook supper tonight and I was thankful for his help and company.  He now knows how to bake bacon and slice cheese like a pro.
  • While cooking I had a string of over 6 straight awesome songs on Pandora, all of which that hit the mood perfectly.
  • Speaking of supper I went way back to one of my favorite childhood meals for our Super Bowl dinner…  Mexican Hero Sandwiches!  Cheesy, meaty, bacon filled, goodness!!!
  • Black licorice for dessert…  mmm…
  • Dishes?  No need for me to do dishes after cooking, Dominic volunteered to do them himself.  How awesome is that?
  • Chilling as a family in the living room is the perfect close to the weekend.  We’re all doing our own things to unwind, but we’re doing it as a family and it feels wonderful.  While we’re doing different things we’re regularly engaging in conversation and joking around.  It’s a perfect end to a wonderful day.

There you have it, a day of a list of things I’m thankful for…  a day of lists.  I’m so grateful for all the blessings in my life!

What a view, endless possibilities…  Running in thick fog is so peaceful…


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