Day 858 – Thankful for the Social Media’s Ability to Connect Us to Those I’d Probably Never Bump Into Otherwise

Over the past few years I’ve had some unique opportunities to connect with individuals I’d probably never have connected with in the past. After reading a great book I’ve found that I can often reach out to the author directly with questions. When digging into a topic it’s easy to find a subject matter expert and reach out for insight. In other cases I’ve used those media to reach out to bloggers and content creators to just pick their brains a little.

This morning was a wonderful example of how some of these connections can inspire new or fuel existing dreams. One of my favorite podcasters, Josh Lee Kwai, has some amazingly beautiful pictures of his current vacation to Iceland. The pictures were stunning! On my dream list Iceland occupies not just one, but two spots… one trip during the summer (preferably a month long road trip in a camper van) and one trip during the winter to experience just how dark it is for how long and to see the landscapes in a different light (pun totally intended 😁). As luck would have it Josh has now done both! It was great to reach out with a couple of questions and he was able to help me start making plans for my future trips out there. On an interesting side-note, Josh has also done a great job of pointing me in the direction of a couple of great books including Snowcrash, Spin, & Ender’s Game.

That’s why I’m thankful for the ability of social media to connect me to people I normally wouldn’t have bumped into. How awesome to find a great resource with some similar tastes to bounce questions off of and gather ideas from?


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