Day 838 – Thankful for an Almost Smartphone Free Sunday

As we drove to church this morning I realized that I’d forgotten my cellphone at home on my dresser.  I instinctively twitched repeatedly and then realized it was going to be okay. The funny thing is that I’ve been considering a cellphone free day for a while, why not do it today?

Throughout the day there were a couple of times when I broke down and turned it on.  Each time I did I immediately went to the one thing I was using it for and ignored any alerts.  Here’s the full detail of usage for the day:

  • Texted my brother to see when would be a good time to call him
  • Turned on Pandora to listen to music while prepping my lunches for the week
  • Checked to see how long to cook turkey tenderloins at and for how long
  • Called Nick back after missing his call, left a voicemail
  • Took Nick’s call back and shot the bull

That’s it.  No social media updates, no videos, no news, no anything on my smartphone.  Typing this will be one of only two things I do computers today, the next being a couple of things for Cub Scouts quick.

Throughout the day it’s felt weird.  I’ve started to see how my phone can be very useful (looking things up quickly), but I’ve also noticed just how often I reach for it out of habit and to fill time.  Instead of having it in hand I had to find other ways to pass the time, and it felt pretty good.  It also was relaxing to not have nearly as many interruptions throughout the day.  Who knows, I might need to do this more often!


2 thoughts on “Day 838 – Thankful for an Almost Smartphone Free Sunday

  1. Coincidentally, I dreamed last night that I accidentally left my phone at home when embarking on a long trip. At first I panicked. Then I realized I could do without it. I’m not sure that in real life I would so quickly come to that conclusion. Maybe I need a day off!

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