Wow…  what a year it has been!  Of all my 40+ years of wandering the Earth this has got to be about the greatest year of my life.  Looking at it holistically my family and I are in excellent health.  I am feeling spiritually sound and centered.  My work is very fulfilling and filled with purpose and great teammates.  We’re doing well financially.  The boys are doing great in pretty much every way I can think of.  We’ve spent so much time doing the things we love (including work).  How could I ask for anything more than that?

My view as I type this blog is nothing short of awe inspiring…


While on this trip Becky and I have talked a lot about what we’ve done in 2018 and it inspired me to plot it all on a map.  After looking at it all I still don’t know how we managed to pack all of it in, but we did!  Not everyone was on all of the travels, for instance Dominic was the only one who went to DC.  When looking at this map I see the physical manifestation of my wanderlust.

Screen Shot 2018-12-31 at 9.22.21 AM

Who knows what 2019 and beyond hold for us…  I doubt that there will be quite as much as we packed in this year, but then again, who knows?  I obviously hope that there is more awesomeness in the next 365, but as I learned in 2017, I’ll make the best of whatever the Big Dude Upstairs throws my way.


Today, none of that matters.  I couldn’t care less about the future now.  At this moment I am so thankful for this moment and for the precious present. 2018, thank you for all of the blessings you’ve given.  Thank you for all of the wonderful memories and moments created.  Thank you for all of the challenges you’ve thrown my way, all of the opportunities to grow.  Thank you for what was quite possibly the best year of my life.


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