What a full day, right???

We spent our last hours on Maui jumping in waves at Big Beach. Dominic was in the water battling waves for almost three hours! A couple of the waves were well over 7′ tall and were crashing pretty hard… it was AWESOME!!! He was loving every minute of it. Gavin and I spent some time in the waves as well, but there was also some digging and building with the super soft sand. Becky kicked back and enjoyed a great book. The entire time was chill and a perfect way to wrap up Maui… almost…

The perfect way to close the books on Maui was a stop at what was the best food truck I’ve ever eaten at. We stumbled upon the Kina’Ole Grill Shrimp Truck on our way back to the airport and Dominic and I grabbed lunch there (Becky & Gavin hit the truck best to it). The food was AMAZING!!! I had seared ahi with wasabi cream sauce, a side salad, and rice… maybe an order of coconut shrimp to share to round it out. Dominic had the best calamari I’ve ever tasted, big thick cut calamari fillets that were super tender and delicious. The food was so good!

Tonight we’re chilling in our new digs for the next few days, a cabin that’s off the grid north of Hilo. Not gonna lie, this is pretty much us living my Hawaiian dream… a cabin in the middle of nowhere, overlooking the ocean, and we’re outside relaxing… life is good… This is pretty much exactly the dream I’ve had in my head since I was here almost six years ago (except that now the Champagne Ponds have been filled in by lava 😢). It’s bringing back memories of chilling on the porch listening to the ocean in one of the most peaceful moments of my life.


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