Day 809 – Thankful for Nearing Completion of a Goal

Today I spent a lot of time going through the clothes in my closet and dresser.  With our vacation on the horizon I realized that many of the shorts I have aren’t fitting me anymore…  in a good way!  I figured I’d better see if I have enough clothes that fit for our trip so today was spent culling the herd and finding the treasures in the back of the closet.

After our trip to Belize in February I wasn’t feeling quite as healthy as I wanted.  When I jumped on the scale at home I found a most unpleasant number staring back at me.  At that time I set a goal for myself to be under 200 pounds before Hawaii. That meant dropping just shy of 40 pounds in 10 months. From past experience I know it’s do-able, it just takes a lot of focus and grit.

After getting home from our Saturday morning cycling and yoga classes I was pretty pumped to see the number staring me down this time… just under 202! Almost there!!!

I’ve got some obstacles to overcome over the next week and a half (two family Christmases with AMAZING food), but I’ve got this. Almost to the finish line, time to run through it.

The last time I’ve been this low for weight and body fat percentage was the last time I was in Hawaii… 🤔… maybe I should go there more often! 😁

It’s been fun packing up a huge tote full of clothes that fit “Fun Mike” but not this Mike at the moment. I’ll miss some of them greatly, but I’m giddy to get reacquainted with some old friends… the ones that don’t have an X in front of the L.

Today’s been an awesome opportunity to see just how far I’ve moved the dial and how close to the goal I am.


PS. I’m saddened to announce that I had to say goodbye to my beloved Winnipeg Blue Bombers hat today. We went on many wonderful trips together and shared many amazing moments since I got it while on vacation in Canada with Becky over 7 years ago. I’ll miss it greatly. 😢

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