Day 788 – Thankful for Reminders of Vacations Past and New Travel Ideas

Much to be thankful for today, a great sermon, the opportunity to get some work done that I enjoy, time with the family and my mom, a slow relaxing ride home, shopping for total fun with Becky, and chilling out on the couches watching A Christmas Story…  All good stuff!

Earlier today as my mom and I were shooting the bull about a plan we have for this summer my mind started to wander and next thing I knew I’d come up with a pretty sweet possible game plan for a short road trip this summer.  With Becky at a conference in New York state the boys and I are planning on driving out to pick her up and catching Niagara Falls on the way back.  Instead of heading right back the fast way though I realized it’s only be a few more hours of driving to head up into Canada and come back through the UP.  It was fun coming up with some travel plans!


Tomorrow we’re getting together with some friends who are planning a trip to New Zealand and we’re going to share pics of what we saw last year.  In going through the pics I realized that it was exactly one year ago today that we were in Hobbiton.  What an amazing experience that was!  From there we went to the beach and Facetimed Becky’s family as they were having Thanksgiving dinner the previous night.  It was wild to be on the phone with them from “the future” and with the sun shining and weather hot while they had darkness and snow.  I clearly remember how badly I wanted to stay right there for the next three months and not head home!

All in all it was a pretty great day, and it was made all the better planning future travel plans while remembering some excellent past vacation moments.


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