Day 787 – Thankful for a Chill Day at Mom’s

Days with a very loose agenda are so relaxing! Today the only plan was to head up north to my mom’s sometime before noon. Outside of that there were no timelines, agendas, or tasks. No lists of things to accomplish, no responsibilities, and no urgency.

Getting ready to head up was no rush. On the way we took the scenic route and enjoyed the scenery. Up at Mom’s we shot the bull, ate, went for a walk, and played games. It’s been super chill and I’m enjoying every chill moment of it!

I love the feel of going 100mph all the time, there’s a sense of accomplishment that is wonderful. It’s tough for me to totally unplug and chill, I have a tough time slowing myself down and having idle hands. All that in mind, a day like today is exactly what the doctor ordered and has been AMAZING! Time to head back to the chillin’ and games!


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