Day 789 – Thankful for Quiet Time In the Workshop Talking with Dad

To be clear, yes, I still talk to my dad even though he’s been gone for almost a year and a half.  There are still times I swear I can hear his voice in my head and heart.

There’ve been several moments today when something was brought up by either the boys or Becky that my dad / Grandpa Pete is probably laughing or calling you names right now.  Each time I’ve smiled because they were right on the money.  Whether it was when I was frustrated with one of the boys, made a silly mistake, or just had one of those moments I was reminded of my dad and knew that they were 100% right on the money… Dad totally would have been saying something or laughing and shaking his head.

The day has been totally packed from sun up until now, outside of about 30 minutes that I had to myself.  Don’t get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoyed my time running with Becky, grocery shopping with her, running to Menards with the boys, putting up Christmas lights, planning a Cub Scout meeting, and then heading up for a dinner with friends in Winona – it’s been an awesome day.  In the 30 minutes of time to myself I went up to my workshop to put wheels on the base of an old tool from my dad.

As I was struggling with unforeseen challenges with what should have been a very simple task I paused and chuckled to myself.  After taking a deep breath I proceeded to talk to Dad while I was trying to get it back on track.  It felt so good to say the things I would’ve said to him on the phone as my blood pressure went up.  Just like I always he’d give me a hard time and then help walk me off the ledge.  While I didn’t hear his responses with my ears I did hear him in my heart.  It felt like he was there with me and he helped me take a deep breath and appreciate all that I have around me.  I can’t even being to say how wonderful that felt and how full of joy my heart is as I think of it.


Two years ago on this day Dad helped me out on what was our last project together in our house – tiling the bathroom floor the day after Thanksgiving in 2016.  It’s almost three years ago to the day that we worked together (with Gavin) to help him build some cabinets in his garage.  Spending a little time in my workshop talking with him today was exactly what the doctor ordered and I’m thankful for every moment of it.


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