Day 782 – Thankful for Road Tripping with My Boys

Tonight much of the evening was spent driving the boys back from hunting with Grandpa and their cousins.  When Becky and I first laid out this plan I was less than enthusiastic as it meant that much of my day off would be spent in transit.  Up until late last night I was going to pick them earlier so I could get home and have some time to catch up on things at home.  For some reason it finally hit me that they should be able to spend the entire day hunting and then head home after it’d gotten too dark to hunt.  I’m not sure why it took me that long to come to my senses, but I’m glad I did.

With that subtle change in mindset and realizing that the boys should have as much grandparent time as possible I soaked in the rest of the day with a positive mindset and thoroughly enjoyed myself.  Driving alone meant time to think and listen to some great audiobooks.  Visiting was enriched by not being in any kind of a hurry or on a schedule.  Of all the parts of the day that really brought me joy there’s really no debate as to which will be the most cherished memory…  my road trip home with the boys.


When we took off we spent the first chunk of time talking about hunting and their time with everyone.  That spun into crazy deep conversations involving religion, we talked about equality of all types, and other very weighty topics.  We also spent a lot of time goofing around and laughing.  There were many jokes and times when we gave each other a hard time.  With about 40 minutes to go we fired up the iPod and played DJs for a while.  We each would pick a song or two and proceed to jam out together, even occasionally singing along and not caring how bad we sounded.  Sometimes we’d talk about what we thought of and remembered when we heard certain songs, other times we’d soak in the story of the song, and the times maybe do a little bit of road trip dancing.  It was a blast!!!

This is another wonderful example for me to remember of how much difference the right attitude can help me either see something as a “chore” or appreciate it as an incredible experience.  I’m pretty sure the boys and I will all remember the fun we had on this simple road trip home for quite some time.


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