Day 783 – Thankful for a Wall Full of Gratitude

Our Winona team started something awesome in our office.  As our applicants and associates are coming in for work or for their paychecks we are asking them if they’d like to jot down something that they are grateful for.  Over the past couple days I’ve enjoyed reading all of the notes.


Some of the leaf notes that I found to be the most touching were:

  • “I am thankful for my family’s continuing support as I strive to get my college degree.”
  • “Thankful for the extra income to supplement my sss check after my retirement and also to work after my cancer battle.”
  • “I am thankful for my family & friends.  I’m thankful for the good Lord above & all he good things in my life.”
  • “I am thankful for my family.  I am not sure where I would be without them.  They are my reason for working through Express and for living!”
  • “I’m thankful for the opportunity you guys gave me.  I moved up from FL by myself with no job.  I was able to get a job in 3 days.  It helped me pay all my debt so I’m able to live peacefully without that heavy load.”
  • “So much to be thankful for.  I’m thankful for my family and the support they give, for good health and weather, to have food in my stomach, clothes on my back and a roof over my head.  Thankful I have a job and money to spend.  Most of all – thankful to be alive!”
  • “Thankful for my family in this tough time we are having.  Happy we can all be together for the holidays.”
  • “I am thankful that my son has grown out of one of his fatal food allergies.  That most of those in my life are healthy and that those who are not have found answers to they can take better care of themselves.”
  • “That my children and grandchildren are healthy!”
  • “I am thankful for not being homeless anymore and having a great job to provide for my kids.  I’m grateful for life & blessed that Express hired me at my lowest.  Thank you!”
  • “Thankful that I’m almost 60 because it’s better than the other thing.”

And this one got me a little misty eyed and I just wanted to give them a hug:  “I am thankful for my dad.  He is ill.  I want him to be well.  That is all I want.”

I’m so thankful for so many people sharing what they are thankful for.  Their gratitude has had me smiling, thinking, and being more grateful for all in my life.


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