Day 781 – Thankful for Multiple Reminders of Dad’s Presence In the Past 24 Hours

Last night I received a very cool text message out of the blue from my friend Sammi.  She’d heard a song that a year and a half ago she had suggested I listen to after my dad passed away.  There was a sudden rush of memories and emotions as I thought about my dad.


Several times throughout the day I had memories of hunting with my dad float in and out of my brain.  There were so many happy moments with him in the woods.  Seemingly every time I thought of the boys out with their Grandpa Ken my mind would wander back to those time with Dad.  From getting my first buck to shooting at a huge “bull elk” in Colorado to the laughter when he saw my scorched face on opening day after I’d done battle with my propane heater.  So many wonderful memories that are re-kindled with this hunting season.

While running to Menards I thought about all of the phone calls we shared while I made that same trek in the past.  When I bought something on sale I could hear him giving me a hard time about buying the cheap option.

In my workshop this afternoon I ran into a problem that pretty much spelled the end of a project I was working on, and not in a good way.  I swear I heard his voice in my ear, “deep breaths Mikey, time to take a break.”  Smiling to myself in spite of my frustration I put everything down and called it a day.  Even in that situation when several hours were erased with one small mistake I couldn’t help have a heart full of joy thinking about Dad.

What really did it tonight was a small and simple moment at church.  In the past I’ve talked about the gentleman at our church who looks very similar to Dad.  They have the same head, neck, ears, hair style, and some of the same mannerisms.  As everyone took communion I happened to notice him walking back to his pew.  Just as I saw him he looked at me and smiled…  and then his smile got a little bigger and he waved to me…  just like Dad would’ve done had he been there.  I know it wasn’t Dad, but at the same time I’m pretty sure he was there with me.  I quickly took a seat, drew a deep breath, and held back the emotions lest I started crying in the pew for seemingly no reason.

So many little reminders throughout the day, so many moments of happiness and joy.  I’m so thankful for all of the wonderful memories and moments I had with Dad.


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