Day 775 – Thankful for Church, Clean Ups, Projects, Games, and Other Great Excuses for Family Time

Today’s been another non-stop day, but one filled with much time with family.  As I look back on the day it’s almost a blur of going from one activity to the next, but I’m smiling and enjoyed so much of it.  In the overwhelming majority of the tasks ad events I was able to spend it with my family and that felt wonderful!

The family time started as we all loaded up and headed out for church and had time together in the car and in the pews.  After church Gavin had Sunday school and Becky was heading to Rochester to see a friend which left Dominic and I cruising through Menards to pick up supplies to paint the workshop.  It was fun doing math with him and walking through the steps and materials needed for this project.  We also had time to talk about life in general.

After lunch Gavin headed up to the workshop with my to help me make the trash picks that we would use later in the day for his Weblos project.  We spent time, just the two of us, talking through the design and working on them together.  After a while Dominic joined us and we realized we had a little extra time so the three of us started putting up the first coat of primer on the ceiling.


Realizing what time it was we hurried to dress in warmer clothes and headed out to Nelson Park to do a service project for Weblos.  It was a pretty unique opportunity for both boys as Gavin needed to do a project like this to help him earn his Weblos badge and Dominic took the lead in the project to help him with Boy Scouts.  A handful of other Scouts showed up and we spent over an hour cleaning up the garbage at the park.  Again, it was a project, but it was a wonderful reason to spend time with the family.

Gavin had a wonderful idea to wrap up the night – a family game of Catan!  There were ups and downs for all of us as we laughed, competed, and had a great time with each other.  How awesome, spending time as an entire family to wrap up a great weekend.

As I get ready to head off to bed I’m so thankful for all the reasons / excuses I had to spend so much time with my family tonight.  It was incredibly refreshing and just what the doctor ordered!


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