It’s funny how this blog works.  Somedays I’ve got an idea of what I’m thankful for based on a couple of events early in the day and I start mentally writing the blog post.  The funny thing is that I only end up writing that post about 50% of the time.  About half the time something else pops into view that draws my attention and I can’t help but write about that instead.  Today was definitely one of those days!

I initially was going to write about being thankful for seeing so many parallels between all of our lives.  The focus was on seeing how interwoven we all are and how we go through many similar challenges and adventures.  Sure, they’re all different in their own ways, but there are so many similarities amongst us all and it’s amazing to see what we can all learn from each other if we just take the time to listen and ask questions of each other.  It was going to be this big and robust blog that was super deep until…


During a conversation with a teammate we discussed prepping for this upcoming deer season.  As he shared how he’d spent the weekend walking the land he’d be hunting on for the first time I couldn’t help but smile and think back to my dad.  We spent so many days out in the woods prepping for hunting season.  He’d take me out through the swamps and forests looking for just the right places to set up our stands and bait.  As we walked he’d talk about the land and what was all around us.  Often we’d just walk quietly and soak it all in.  I can still clearly remember some of the smells of fresh pine in the woods.  We’d spend the entire day wandering and soaking in the outdoors.  It was time for me to hang out alone with my old man, and I’m so thankful for his company.  Those moments live on in my memory forever and bring me so much joy.  I’m so thankful for those wonderful times I had with him.

Interestingly enough, Becky pointed something out to me last night.  Part of Gavin’s Weblos homework is to keep a list of at least one good deed he did for someone each day for 30 days.  She showed me the one he wrote for Friday and I couldn’t help but chuckle and think of how much my dad would’ve appreciated what he wrote…  “Keeped my old man company.”  I am thankful for that time with Gavin and hope that at some point after I’m long since gone he occasionally has reminders of the time we’ve had together just like I have with my dad.




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