Day 774 – Thankful for Starting the Morning with Our New Tradition and Learning Some Interesting La Crosse History

Last week’s alternate solution which included knocking out a couple of workouts on a Saturday morning date has stuck. This morning our alarm went off early and Becky and I were off to the YMCA and Root Down for cycling and yoga. It felt awesome to start the day off with a great couple of sweats before getting into the other weekend stuff! Even better, it was pretty sweet to start the day with some time with Becky! 😁

To wrap up the night (besides our trip to the grocery store) we headed to The Pumphouse to watch The Dark La Crosse Show. It was a play waking through a handful of interesting stories from La Crosse’s sordid history. The stories were crazy, hard to believe, and very entertaining. Some were a little serious while others left us literally LOLing! If you have the opportunity to head out to see it I’d highly recommend it.

Today’s been a great date, lots of time with Becky and some workshop time. Tomorrow will be a lot of time with the boys and I’m pumped for that as well.


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