Day 769 – Thankful for My Sun Lamp

It seems like every year I struggle a bit. Even though I’ve been getting plants of sleep the changing of time really throws my body off a bit. My body is confused when it wakes up in the morning and is even more confused when it starts getting dark by 4:15. Throw in how dreary of a day it was and I struggled a bit…

Except when I had my sun lamp on! That bad boy brightens up my entire office and feels so much better than fluorescent lights. Maybe it’s purely a placebo effect, but I swear I feel much more awake and alive when that light is on. Of all my Amazon purchases this is one of my favs.

Winter may be coming and we’ve got another month and a half before it starts getting lighter out again, but it won’t feel nearly as bad with my sun lamp burning bright over my head.


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