Day 770 – Thankful for the Opportunity to Be a Part of the Solution, Being a Pollster’s Nightmare, and Those Who’ve Provided Us the Privilege of Voting

Earlier today I had the opportunity to be part of the solution instead of the problem. As opposed to complaining and not doing anything to resolve the situation I took advantage of the privilege of voting.

While I’m not one to get into the who, the what, and the why, let’s just say I was normal me and voted a split ticket. It cracked me up when I saw the following post from six years ago…

I guess some things will never change! As my friend Todd put it many years ago, I’m “a pollster’s nightmare,” and brought to be one.

While I’m thankful for my opportunity to be a part of the solution I’m also so thankful to live in a society in which my voice matters and I’m free to share my thoughts and values. I’m thankful for all those who fought to give us that freedom, those who’ve saved it, and those who continue to uphold it.


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