Day 768 – Thankful for a Day of Counting My Blessings

Throughout the day there’ve been many things that have crossed my mind for which I am thankful.  Try as I might to find a common theme or one thing that rises to the top I’ve really struggled to narrow it down to one thing.  The nice thing about this being my blog and my rules is that I can do what I want 😉  With that being the case I’m going with a list of things I’ve been thankful for today.

  • With Becky helping out a celebration of life for a co-worker and me up to my wrists in my ground turkey making my lunches and breakfasts for the week I suddenly realized that it was almost supper time.  Dominic jumped in made supper for us tonight, how awesome!  Thanks for making pork chops and couscous Bud!
  • I’m so thankful for Becky’s huge heart.  Today she spent much time helping out with a co-worker who just lost her spouse.  She’s a continual inspiration to me.  When someone needs help she’s the first to jump in and do it, regardless of how much she has on her plate.  Her willingness to her neighbor is amazing and I love her for it.
  • Last night I had a great time with one of my best friends, Rick.  He came down and we had a wonderful night of hanging out and shooting the bull.  Sometimes we get together and talk about largely superficial things.  Last night we got into some much deeper things and it was so cool to connect on some of those things.  Over the course of the day I thought of our time together often.
  • At church today there was a couple with two small kids, probably ages one and three or so.  The kids were just like our boys were at the same age and I could see the stress in the eyes of the parents.  I was able to talk with the dad and let him know that it will keep getting easier as the kids get older.  Later, while everyone was singing I found myself playing peek a boo using my bulletin.  The reminders of how much the boys had grown and connecting and smiling with that little guy warmed my heart.
  • I was able to spend time working on my workshop today and it felt great working with my hands.  The time by myself was a nice change of pace and I was able to both spend time in thought while also losing myself completely in the task at hand.  It was a pretty sweet combination of sensations.  There were a couple of times in which I thought of Dad and how much he would have enjoyed seeing the workshop.  Funny how it’s one of the places I feel closest to him.
  • The boys and I are now on the couch cooling down for the night and watching the movie Touching the Void.  It’s a story of two climbers in South America who survive a disastrous climb.  Watching movies like this has helped the boys and I connect on many levels.  From discussing survival tactics to chasing dreams to understanding how to act in certain situations it’s been interesting to pause the movie and have conversations about why they were taking certain actions and whether or not they should have done something else.
  • Gavin has spent a few hours sitting on the couch reading today.  He’s been totally engrossed in his book and it had me smiling and remembering many weekends in which I totally lost track of the outside world as I lived in the book I was reading.
  • As the rain was moving down after church Becky and I both had the same thought at the same time…  November Rain!  We fired up iTunes and listened to that old tune by Guns N Roses.  It brought back many memories including watching the music video for it at my grandparents’ house with my brother and Aunt Diane.
  • Two years ago on this day we were flying back home from a vacation in California.  It’s been so awesome to look at the pictures from that trip and re-live some wonderful moments!


There’ve been a handful of other things as well that I was thankful for.  In many cases I paused and just soaked it in for a few seconds.  Each of those moments were little bits of magic that brought me joy today.

All in all, I’m thankful for a day in which I saw so many blessings all around me.  It was an amazing day and I’m so grateful to have lived it fully.




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