Day 767 – Thankful for Finding an Alternate Solution with Becky and an Excellent Start to the Weekend

On Thursday I realized I’d slipped up big time.  Becky was going to go to yoga at 5:30 on Friday night and I realized that I hadn’t told her about the WSU volleyball game that everyone from our office was going to.  One of our past (& hopefully future) teammates was playing in one of her last home games this season and we’d had plans as a team to go watch for quite some time…  Unfortunately I’d forgotten to tell Becky about it!


When I realized the error of my ways I shot her a text with the info, apologized for forgetting, asked if there was a way she’d forgive me and asked how I could fix the situation.  Her offer for resolution was to hit a 7am cycling class followed by a 8:30 yoga session this morning.  I couldn’t help but laugh out loud, that sounded AWESOME!!!

How great is that?  I was able to get what I wanted (which was a fun family time as well) on Friday AND have an incredible start to the weekend doing things I love with Becky.  That was perfect!  Sure, it wasn’t quite what we had scripted originally, but this was way better.  I’m thankful for the monkey wrench I threw her way…  but I will remember to tell her sooner next time 😉


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