When I looked back to my blog posts from this day over the past couple of years I couldn’t help but smile from ear to ear. Last year I’d written about being thankful for “A Seed to Remember Next Year.” It took me a moment to remember what I’d meant by that, but then I saw the picture of the nurse log and the quote below. When it sunk in my heart was full of joy and I was so thankful for my past self planting a seed to guide the path for my future self.

For a great tree death comes as a gradual transformation. Its vitality ebbs slowly. Even when life has abandoned it entirely it remains a majestic thing. On some hilltop a dead tree may dominate the landscape for miles around. Alone among living things it retains its character and dignity after death. Plants wither; animals disintegrate. But a dead tree may be as arresting, as filled with personality, in death as it is in life. Even in its final moments, when the massive trunk lies prone and it has moldering into a ridge covered with mosses and fungi, it arrives at a fitting and noble end. It enriches and refreshes the earth. And later, as part of other green and growing things, it rises again. – Edwin Way Teale

I was especially thankful for bringing my hiking clothes to work today so I could spend time in the woods over lunch. After reading a few trail running books and watching a trail running movie in the past week and change my mind wasn’t quite content to just hike though. Even though I’d already run 4 miles with Becky this morning something came over me. Even though I was totally not wearing the right clothes (like my khaki hiking shorts) I couldn’t quite quell the urge…

Throwing caution to the wind I started jogging and had a wonderful trail run over lunch! It was the first time in quite some time that I’d run on the trails and it felt like I was being welcomed back home after being away for years. Running on rocks and up and down hills through the leaves felt amazing! I think the fact that it was totally impromptu made it all the more special.

While running I stumbled across a new trail running buddy. He didn’t talk one bit, but he seemed to enjoy my presence. At one point my new found friend started walking right towards me and got within 15-20 yards before he went off to the side. We enjoyed a few moments of each other’s company. I quit the run and sat on a fallen tree in the sun. It was a magical moment that I absolutely just soaked in. There was nothing else in the world, just the little buck in front of me. It was awesome.

Look closely and you’ll see my trail running buddy in the lower left corner…

To make it all the more special it happened specifically today, after I’d read my post from last year. I couldn’t have scripted it any better.

So much awesomeness in my life today, my heart is beyond full. Thank you to everyone who made an incredible impact on my life and happiness today!!! You’ve all filled my heart with great joy.


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