Day 744 – Thankful for Re-Reading a Book and Getting More Insight

A while back a client recommended the book Extreme Ownership by Jocko Willink and Leif Babin. I picked up a copy on Audible and thoroughly enjoyed it.

The authors are Navy SEAL officers who share their leadership concepts through sharing stories of their time in the military. They do an incredible on of helping you see their experiences through their eyes while also showing what they did, both right and wrong, and sharing what they learned. The stakes for them in the heat of the moment are much higher than those in my business, it really set the stage on how important some of these simple to understand ideas are.

After a reminder of the book in a recent presentation and then an email sharing it as the book our leadership team is reading this month I was excited to fire it up again. Over the past couple of days I’ve been listening to it again and I swear I enjoyed it more this time! The first time around many of the concepts made sense, this time I could see a more clear application of them. There were several points when I had to pause the recording and think about what was just discussed, how I’d made mistakes in the past, and how their advice would have been very beneficial. It’s also been helpful to see how a couple of small changes could have a tremendously positive impact.

Thanks Jocko & Leif for an excellent read and for so openly sharing their experiences! It was great to read it again and I’ve already got plans to bring it back to the top my my reading list in the next couple of months.


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