Day 742 – Thankful for Choosing to See the Beauty In the Weather

The skies have been pretty gray for quite a few days now. Times like these make it easy to complain and let the dull sky and damp air deflate my emotions. That’s why I decided to flip my mindset today!

All day I’ve been actively working on enjoying this weather instead of getting frustrated by it. This hasn’t been perfect but it has helped a lot. Here are some of the things I’ve appreciated the most about this weather:

  • The low lying clouds have been awesome! Just floating in, on and around the bluffs like a thick quilt. In the right light they really make the leaves pop!
  • This is definitely sweatshirt and sweatpants weather. Nothing like a night like this to help me appreciate wearing sweats.
  • Mmm… comfort food is always more delicious on days like this.
  • The sounds of rain pouring down are very peaceful and wonderful to sleep to.
  • This is perfect crawl into bed and snuggle weather.
  • While it’s been raining a lot tonight there wasn’t a drop during Dominic’s cross country meet today!

So there you have it, many reasons why I’ve appreciated this weather. Yes, Phoenix or Hawaii sound really nice right now, but I’m here, not there so I’m going to appreciate what I have.


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