Day 741 – Thankful for the Interesting Crossroads of Learning, Doing, Teaching, and Reflecting

To be honest, this one is still very rough and I’m not quite sure how it’s going to come out, but it feels right to write about tonight.  Funny how that works.  Some nights I’ve already got the blog pretty well written and there’s just the mechanical typing of the words.  Other nights, like tonight, I’m thinking and creating as I type.  Both ways are equally rewarding, but for very different reasons.  It’s almost like one way is telling the story while the other is living it.


Throughout the day there’ve been multiple times when I caught myself approaching a situation from multiple angles all at once.  In some cases it was the memory of past events helping me see a new event in a different light.  Other times I was helping to guide someone through a struggle very similar to one that I am facing.  There were moments in which I was learning for me, soaking it in to teach others, and finding ways to take action immediately.  It’s been pretty wild, an interesting crossroads of learning, doing, teaching and reflecting.

I’m not quite sure how to put this completely, but there were multiple moments today in which I was doing all four of those things at once.  The things I learned I was also doing and teaching.  The things I was teaching were things I was reflecting on and learning from.

You’re probably asking yourself, “Very Yoda-esque, but what the hell Mike?”  That’s where I’m struggling today.  I’m not quite sure how to put how rewarding it felt, how humbling it felt, and how much I learned, but I’m truly grateful for those moments today.  It feels like a different level of learning or a different depth to the experience when all four of these things happen at once.  I’m not sure that I’ve had a day quite like this when I’ve felt all fours ways at once, yet alone multiple times in one day.  Maybe this old dog is learning new tricks…  Or maybe this old dog is just getting old!  Either way, I’m thankful for the experience of feeling this way today!


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