Day 739 – Thankful for Dominic Hunting with Grandpa Ken

This morning at first light was the start of the Youth Hunt in Wisconsin.  Shortly after the start of the hunt Dominic already had his buck!  Last year he shot a little spike, this year was a four pointer.  While I am super proud of him and happy for him, it’s not the success of the hunt that has me the most thankful this evening.


I am so grateful that Dominic has this time with his Grandpa Ken.  It is so awesome that they get time like this to hang out and do something they both love like hunting.

I have so many memories of going out to the woods to hunt with my dad and Grandpa Kreiling. There are many memories of doing many things with my Grandpa Lamping ranging from playing pool, spending time in his workshop, looking for arrow heads, and stuff like that.  Looking back there are many smiles I have from those memories when they cross my mind.

Dominic has many memories with Grandpa Pete and is blessed to continue making even more memories with his Grandpa Ken.  A quick conversation with Dominic and you can quickly see how much he loves his grandpa.  Spending time with Grandpa Ken like this means the world to him and will continue to bring him smiles for the rest of his life.  He is also so grateful to have such a caring and loving grandpa.

Great job hunting today Dominic!  I very thankful that it was safe and successful.  Please hold the memories you made with your grandpa today tight, they’ll bring you much joy through the rest of your life.  Love you Bud!!!



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