Day 708 – Thankful for Being Pushed by the Dreams of Others and Taking Advantage of a Travel Night

Over the past five hours I’ve been able to crank through a large number of tasks that needed to be done.  Some were work related and others were personal.  The list was long when I started on them after work tonight, but now they’re almost all done.  There’s a couple to go, but they’ll have to wait until Friday.  As I look at the long list of everything that’s been crossed out I can’t help but smile with a sense of accomplishment.

I am not a fan of nights away, but sometimes they are necessary.  Tonight I was so thankful for taking advantage of the time in a hotel room, it allowed me to focus on what needed to get done and I’m already feeling less stress.

While working tonight there was a thought that kept crossing my mind and making me smile.  How excellent is it to work with teammates with huge dreams?  Through a conversation today it hit me how fortunate I am to be able to work with people who dream huge, so huge that it pushes me to dream bigger.  Their dreams drive me to be better, to accomplish more, and to do everything I can to help them reach their dreams.  To be able to help them on their journey is extremely gratifying, to see how their dreams drive me is an awesome feeling…  one that I am very thankful for.


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