Day 707 – Thankful for the Start of the School Year


Another year of school has begun for the boys.  Dominic’s last year of middle school and  Gavin’s last year of elementary school.  While I was already on the road by the time they left I was able to catch up with them later in the day and it was fun to fall back into the normal habits of the school year.

My first post school conversation went about the same way as probably 90+% of after school conversations will go this year with Dominic:

Me:  How was school?

Dominic:  Pretty good

Me:  Anything fun and exciting?

Dominic:  Nope

Me:  How was cross country practice?

Dominic:  Pretty good.  Hot.

My time with Gavin was mainly spent in the car as I picked him up and took him to soccer practice.  On the way home he started with grand plans of how he was going to spend the evening only to realize that it was already quarter after 7pm.  From there he was in full on meltdown mode as he realized that he had to eat supper, put away laundry, shower, and practice his violin before he could do anything else…  and by that time it would be just about bed time.  He flung himself on the couch face down in feigned exhaustion.  Bud, welcome to the daily grind!

Becky and I saw each other for a couple of minutes as we both got ready for work.  She tagged in for the morning kid stuff and I tagged in for the evening.  She made supper while I was at Gavin’s soccer.  We ate as a family, talked for few minutes after dinner, and then back to getting things done around the house.  Put the boys to bed soon, chill on the couch for about five minutes, go to bed, and repeat tomorrow.

It’s busy and seemingly never ending, but it kind of feels normal.  Sure, I’d love to have extra free time, who wouldn’t?  That said, I’m glad that it’s the start of the school year and back to the normal chaos.  I’m sure it’ll get me down once in a while, but tonight I’m enjoying it’s familiar feeling.



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