Day 706 – Thankful for a Summer with Nick

Today has been nonstop travel thus far. We were at the airport late last night in Anchorage and as I start this post we’re in the air on our way back to Minneapolis. From there we still have a long car ride back to La Crosse, and then back to reality. I’ve gotten some sleep on the flights and in the airports, but I’m feeling pretty exhausted. It’s a lot like the feeling after a great workout, that tired feeling that you kind of look forward to in a sick way. The feeling that you’ve accomplished something and now need to recharge. Personally, I love this feeling in small spread out doses – giving all in an effort to live a life I am proud of.

When I started thinking about my post for today something really sunk in that I had kind of noticed, but hadn’t quite appreciated until now. I’ve spent more time with my brother Nick this summer than I’ve spent in any summer since we lived together. This weekend marked the fourth time we’ve gotten together since early May. We took our families to a Brewers game in May, went camping with the boys in the UP in June, spent time at the cabin with our families and Mom in August, and just wrapped up our trip to Alaska. It’s been awesome!

To have made time for so much time together this summer has been fantastic. We usually shoot the bull during the week several times, but actually getting together has been tougher to line up. We’re both going in so many different directions it can feel almost impossible to get things on the calendar, but everything has just lined up this summer.

Over the years our friendship, brotherhood, and bond has continued to grow stronger and stronger. I’m so grateful for his presence in my life. Sure, he’s a little brother so he’s kind of annoying and a pain in the butt 😉, but in spite of that (or perhaps sometimes because of that) he’s one of my best friends and I’d be lost without him. I appreciate him greatly and I’m so thankful for so much time with him this summer. It’s brought more joy to my heart than I can begin to explain.

So Nick, I’ll close this up in two ways, the way I really feel and the way brothers are supposed to sound in public. Feel read to read only one or both based on your mood.

Love you tons tons Dude, thanks for being an incredible friend and brother. I appreciate you more than I can ever begin to express. <Gives a big bro bear hug>


Hey dumbass, you’re seriously a pain in the butt, but as far as brothers go I guess I you’re not the worst I could have had. <Punches in the arm and possibly gives a turtle bite>

One critical side note – huge special thanks to Becky and Jennifer for allowing this to happen this year. I’m sure it hasn’t always made your life easy and you had to deal with the aftermath (so many things the boys learned with Nick and I this year!). Thanks for your support and love while Nick and I acted like big kids!


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