Day 709 – Thankful for Having Much to Accomplish In a Short Period of Time

This might be pretty close to how I looked as I was focused on trying to accomplish several things at once today!

This is kind of a strange one, isn’t it?  Today I’m thankful for a scarcity of one resource that has caused hyper focus on what must be done and achieved.  Most every day I stop and think about how nice it would be to have more time.  “If I had more time I’d…”  “If there were an extra couple of hours I could…” Often times I’m feeling this way when I’m slightly out of focus.  I’m seeing everything all over the place around me as opposed to seeing a direct line from one thing to the next to the next leading me precisely through the most time effective way to accomplish the most important things first.  Looking back, this is often when I start to side track a little, feel overwhelmed, and drift a bit.  I don’t take time to think through what needs to happen first and why and that leads to me being reactive instead of strategizing the best way to accomplish everything.

Over the past couple of days I’ve been forced to have a laser like focus on what needs to be accomplished.  In many cases things I have things that are both urgent and important and trying to find a way to get them all in has been difficult.  That said, I’m getting more done due to the high level of focus and discipline I need to get it all done in a short period of time.  The forced constraint has helped me push further ahead in a short week than I’d ever have expected and has me feeling very solid about the next week in front of me.

Yes, I’d still really like to have more time, no question.  But while that thought lingers in my head I know my time is limited so I am going to make the most of it.  As that sinks in it reminds me to think not just of the day (like I am currently), but to remember that lesson for my life as a whole.  I only have so much time to accomplish all that I dream of.  Stay focused Kreiling, you’re making excellent progress!


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