Day 703 – Thankful for National Park #25 – Kenai Fjords – with Becky & the Boys

There are some days when this blog is pretty tough to write.  I have to dig deep to find inspiration or meaning and then write through my thoughts.  Other days it may be that I’m having a difficult time thinking about which to write about or how to clarify my thoughts.  Today?  Nope, this is about as easy as they come!  Today’s blog is a total softball.


Today Becky, the boys and I went to Kenai Fjords National Park, the 25th (of 59 National Parks).  It was AWESOME!!!  With one 10 mile-ish hike it has become the favorite or second favorite park for each and every one of us.  How crazy is that?  We haven’t even seen the ocean portion of the trip (that comes tomorrow), and it was that fantastic that it moved up to the top of the charts. The park had pretty much every single thing that we could ask for in a park…  mountains, forests, rocks, wildlife, glaciers, hiking, beautiful flowers, and an ocean.  Check to each and every one of those.  Throw in the possibility of seeing seals, whales, and other marine life?  Yup, this park is an awesome one!  Being able to experience it with the boys and Becky made it all the better.

The hike itself was nothing short of fantastic.  We went up over 3,600 feet and after the first mile and a half every step brought a bigger and broader view of the vast Harding Icefield.  We started off seeing the Exit Glacier and as we kept heading up we got a better view of the ice field.  It was wild!  The pictures don’t do justice to the view, it was one of the most amazing views I’ve had in my life.  This hike was easily in the top 10 hikes I’ve ever done.

#25 is now in books, we’re getting closer to the halfway point of the biggest dream in the list of 100.  Life is pretty awesome!


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