Happy 39th birthday to Becky today!

There’s a lot of excitement and things to be thankful for, but who am I kidding, I’m most grateful for Becky today. Truth be told, I’m thankful for her every single day… so much so that I could do a separate blog sharing a different reason I am thankful for her each day. There’d be a lot of material and I doubt I’d ever run out of reasons even if it continued for 50+ years.

So why am I thankful for her? Let’s start with a short list:

  • She’s kind and loving, so much that she inspires me to be better at both
  • Becky’s smile can light up my life regardless of my mood
  • Her intellect is mind blowing and across a wide spectrum of topics
  • As a mother she’s totally amazing
  • The passion she has for the outdoors and natural world
  • There is no one I know who is a harder worker than she is
  • The discipline she has is contagious, she’s the grittiest person I know
  • Mmm… her lasagna… mmm…
  • She gets me and loves me for all of (or in spite of) my weirdness and faults

And that’s just the short list! Each day there are so many other reasons she gives me to fall in love with her all over again. Just trying to list the above has my mind going in so many directions.

All that said, one of the things I’m very thankful for is that she’s the best friend and wife I could have ever dreamt of. She completes me and helps me be better than I’d be without her. The joy she brings to my life on a daily basis is nothing short of amazing. The way she raises me up on a daily basis is incredible.

One other reason I’m thankful for her today in particular is that she’s the worlds best travel partner. Looking back to all of the places we’ve been and the even larger list of places we need to go I can’t imagine anyone else I’d rather travel with. Each new adventure is enhanced by her company. As we travel there’s a look she gets in her eyes and a smile that grows across her face that express pure heartfelt joy created by childlike curiosity of the beauties of the natural world. When that smile crosses her face I lose track of the world around me, I focus on that smile, and my heart is about ready to burst with joy. Those are amongst my happiest moments in life. I’m so grateful to be able to experience those with her often.

Happy birthday to an incredible mother, awesome travel partner, successful scientist, amazing wife, and my best friend! Love you tons!!!


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