When we started planning our trip one of the biggest draws to Isle Royale was the opportunity to see moose.  On our first afternoon here I lucked out and spotted one, but no one else saw it, they just heard him.  Our hiking and cruise yesterday were beautiful and relaxing, but alas, there was not a moose to be seen.  With canoeing and hiking on the docket for the day we knew it was now or never time on this trip as we head back to mainland tomorrow morning.

We explored every nook and cranny of the river as we paddled along the shore.  There were many awesome things including loons with a chick, a bald eagle, and several sweet rock formations, but again, no moose.  When it was about lunch time we headed to shore for a hike that offered beautiful vistas of Canada less than 20 miles from us.  It was prime moose country and there was a lot of signs of them, but still no moose to be seen.  On the way up Dominic and I saw a pair of beaver in a pond which was pretty awesome, but it wasn’t the same as a moose.

Finally, less than a tenth of a mile from our canoes on the way back down a young bull jumped out on the trail just 15’ or so in front of Dominic.  His face had a combination of joy and a healthy dose of nervousness as he looked back at the rest of us.  The moose calmly walked across the trail and wandered into the beaver pond.  For the fifteen minutes or so he calmly walked the shore and dipped his head in the water for some great tasting vegetation.  Fortunately for us he didn’t care in the least that we were there and he was sure to walk out in spots that were great for photos.

As he did his thing the four of us just soaked in the experience and enjoyed every moment of it.  It was awesome and sure to be remembered by all of us for the rest of our lives.  We’d struck gold, moose gold, and I am thankful for that!


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