Day 658 – Thankful for Being on Island Time, Isle Royale Style

One of my favorite parts of going to an island in the ocean is the transition to “island time.”  You know, the weird nexus of the universe when time kind of stops mattering.  I go from being in a hurry constantly to get from Point A to Point B to suddenly not caring when or if I get to Point B at all.  Maybe I’m on time, maybe I’m an hour late, and maybe there’s just no schedule.  It’s a wonderfully relaxing mindset (though not necessarily healthy for work, hence why it should only be enjoyed in smaller doses).

Today I learned that I can be on island time when not in the ocean.  Being in the middle of Lake Superior helped me get on island time regardless.  We had some loose plans for the day, but nothing carved in stone.  When I woke up we ate breakfast and we headed out for a hike.  We took our time and enjoyed the journey and the scenic destination.  Part way through the hike my watch battery died and I quickly realized I’d forgotten my charger in the car back on the mainland.  So much for keeping time!  I’d say it actually added to the experience in a very positive way today.

Once we got back to our cabin we cleaned up and headed out for “lupper” at sometime around 4-ish.  Similar to yesterday I had zero concept of time and it was so relaxing!  After our meal we headed back and Becky and I took a nap for somewhere between 90 and 120 minutes.  Then we hiked down to the marina for our only scheduled event fo the day, a sunset cruise.  Now that we’re home I’m blogging as everyone gets ready for bed then I’ll be off to bed.  If it wasn’t for the clock on the top of my computer I’d have no ideas that it’s 11:11pm (trippy!).

Without having an agenda or schedule we were able to take our time and just enjoy the day.  No rush, no hustle and bustle, just enjoying the time together as a family.  It felt amazing!!!  If only my watch was still running I’d know how much my heart rate has dropped over the past 100-ish hours…. But if it means I’d know and/or care about the time it definitely wouldn’t be worth it.  I’m on island time and loving every minute of it!


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