Quick heads up – as it relates to the title and topic of this blog, I’m off the grid for the next few days.  Regardless, I am writing each blog post daily and will add them once we’re back online.  Who knows when that will be, I might wait until long after we get home!

Once we got onto the ferry to head to the island this morning I did something that I haven’t done in a very long time…. I totally unplugged.  I shut the data off my phone, put it on silence, and have only been using it to take pictures and listen to music.  No emails, no calls, no news updates, no reminders, no ties to the outside world.  Just being able to enjoy the time away from the world.

With nothing to respond to I was able to spend time writing my book.  We spent time playing many games on our 8 hour ferry ride.  Several times I wandered out to the deck and just basked in the sun while listening to music, enjoying the beauty of Isle Royale, and thinking about nothing too crazy.  At one point in the afternoon I took a nap.

Once we got everything unloaded in our cabin we headed out for a hike as a family and there was zero stress about the outside world.  Occasionally it came up in conversation but it was either in a no stress way or quickly forgotten.  With the increased level of focus I was totally drawn in to the beauty of the wild flowers in bloom, the incredibly blue water, and all of the rock formations.  At one point when Becky and the boys had gotten a little ahead of me I heard a noise that I would have totally missed had I been thinking about other stuff.  It was the crack of a branch under the hoof of a very large animal.  I slowly drew closer to the ground to see underneath the brush and was rewarded with the view of a good size bull moose walking on a trail about 20 yards from me.  It was AWESOME!!! 

Being completely unplugged has caused momentary fits of nervousness but they’ve quickly started to happen less and less frequently and seem to be about ready to disappear.  It’s amazing how time has gone by at such a different pace without the dinging of my phone keeping time.  While up on deck I honestly couldn’t even being to tell you how long I sat alone on the deck watching the island as we passed by.  It could have been less than a half hour or a couple of hours.  I was so wrapped up in my own thoughts and the moment that I completely slipped out of time and it felt incredible!  Based on how great this has felt in just fourteen hours I might have to make time for this more often. 🙂


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