Day 661 – Thankful for a Near Perfect Vacation

Now that we’re back home and unpacked it feels pretty great to be back home.  I’m so looking forward to sleeping in our own bed tonight!  Thinking back through our vacation that’s about the only flaw I could find in the entire trip, not having our bed with us the entire time.  That seems like a pretty near perfect vacation.

Our first long travel day was better than expected due to a couple of awesome side trips Becky found along the way.  The first day in Voyageurs included a great boat ride / tour with a very knowledgeable and friendly guide, a view from the US to the south into Canada (yup, let that one sink in), and a surprising bear encounter.  Our second day was another great travel day with more better than expected short hikes and views.  The time in Isle Royale was AWESOME and included checking off pretty much every possible animal box (moose, beaver, loons with a chick, bald eagle) while providing spectacular views and relaxation.  The trip from Isle Royale to Duluth included a wonderful hike past Split Rock Lighthouse and the adjoining beaches.  Our last day (today) was a cool mini-tour of Duluth, a town that is way cooler than I’d imagined.


Add that all up and the only thing that I wish we could have done differently was bring our bed, a near perfect vacation!


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