As I type this we’ve just left the dock at Rock Harbor to start our trip back to the mainland.  The weather is perfect as it has been each day we’ve been here.  The water is almost perfectly still until our ferry cuts through the calm.  We’ve run into the same dozen or so people we’ve bumped into several times since arriving.  Currently we’re below deck relaxing and reading and will pop back up once we hit the next stop which is going to be a mother beautiful view of Lake Superior, complete with lighthouse.

While it’s still very early in the day it’s easy for me to write about what I am thankful for.  Isle Royale was much more peaceful and relaxing than I ever would’ve expected.  It might not have mountains, but the quiet and calm of this place is incredible.  Becky pretty much nailed it this morning when she called it “our island of solitude.”  

And that’s exactly what I’m thankful for today.  In checking off National Park #24 together we found an island of solitude at Isle Royale.  Everything about this place is peaceful and calming.  There’s no crowds, no traffic, no phones, no noise, no internet, no news, and very few clocks.  We used the sun as our gauge of when to go to sleep and woke up when we were ready.  We ate when we got hungry, rarely at normal times.  Nature surrounded us and paid no attention to us.  Rabbits, squirrels, moose, and loons were all much closer to us than one would expect and were totally fine with our presence.  Everything here reminds me of a simpler way to live, the quiet that my brain and soul need from time to time.  

With all this quiet we were able to soak in the entire experience and totally relax.  We spent a ton of time as a family playing games and goofing around.  There was never a hurry for anything, even the prep to get ready this morning was barely more than a slow pace.  In a word, it’s been magical.  

Thank you Isle Royale for sharing with us why you are the most re-visited National Park…  I would imagine that we’ll be back to visit our Island of Solitude again in the not too distant future.


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